Maria Del Sapio Garbero

Maria Del Sapio Garbero

Maria Del Sapio Garbero


Maria Del Sapio Garbero is Full Professor of English Literature at Roma Tre University, where she is a member  of the Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures. She was former Vice President of the School of Letters, Philosophy and Languages.
She has been the coordinator of the departmental “Shakespeare’s Rome Project” since 2004 – a topic on which she has organized a number of international conferences and seminars – as well as a member of the CROMA Council for several years (Centro di Ricerca Interdipartimentale di Studi su Roma).
She was a member of the Board of directors of AIA (Associazione Italiana di Anglistica) for two terms, during which she was also a member of the editorial board of Textus. English Studies in Italy, the association’s journal, as well as Vice President of ANDA (Associazione Nazionale Docenti di Anglistica). She is affiliated to the Folger Shakespeare Library, and  a delegate member of the Stratford International Shakespeare Conference.  She is co-director of the book series “Biblioteca di Studi Inglesi” for Edizioni di Storia e Letteratura, and  a member of the Advisory boards of a number of other series and journals in English language studies.
She was a Partner, representing Roma Tre University, in the European interdisciplinary research project “Interfacing Sciences. Literature, and the Humanities” (Socrates Erasmus /Acume2, E.T.N.P., European Thematic Network Project, 2006-2009), within which she coordinated (together with Manfred Pfister of the Freie Universität, Berlin) the section “Theories of Bodies in Renaissance Culture”.
Her current Shakespearean areas of interest include Shakespeare’s Rome, Shakespeare and the ‘new science’,  Shakespeare and the visual arts, Shakespeare and gender.


Selected Shakespearean publications:

“Lucrece’s Tabula Anatomica: Identitity, Possession and Self-Possession   in Shakespeare’s Roman Poem”, in M. Del Sapio Garbero, ed., Shakespeare and the New Science in Early Modern Culture / Shakespeare e la nuova scienza nella cultura early modern, Pisa, Pacini, 2016, pp. 171-214.

“‘Be stone no more’: Maternity and Heretical Visual Art in Shakespeare’s Late Plays”, Actes des congrès de la Société Française Shakespeare. [En ligne], 33 / 2015. URL:

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